A guardian is a person or entity appointed by a court to manage the affairs of another individual. At the Law Office of Dalton & Herlehy, P.C., we assist clients in obtaining guardianships, and provide counsel to court-appointed guardians so that they meet their continuing legal obligations.

Under Illinois law, an individual who has attained the age of majority (18 years) is presumed to be capable of handling his or her own affairs. However, a guardian may be appointed to manage the affairs of an adult who has a developmental or physical disability.

The primary purposes of a guardianship are to protect such persons from physical or financial exploitation, and to promote their best interests.

There are several types of guardians under Illinois law, each designed to address different situations. At the Law Office of Dalton & Herlehy, P.C., we believe its is important to consider all options and factual circumstances to determine the appropriate kind of guardianship for a disabled individual.