Estate and Tax Planning

“Estate planning” is a very broad term subject to many interpretations. The most common interpretation is the preparation of a Last Will and Testament or revocable trust agreement for the disposition of one’s assets, but it also includes such things as powers of attorney for property and health care, and other health care directives.

Having the proper beneficiary designations for life insurance, annuities and retirement accounts are also an important part of an estate plan. For those with minor children or a child with special needs, the creation of a trust will be essential to their estate plan, as will naming a guardian for the children.

The client with a family business or family farm will be interested in the preparation of a business succession plan. Charitable giving and other tax saving methods are a consideration for those having an estate of a larger size.

At the Law Office of Dalton & Herlehy, P.C., we are equipped to help clients with the most basic needs to those requiring a more complex, specialized estate plan. Our attorneys work hard to stay on top of the latest in estate and tax planning tools and methods in order to meet our clients’ needs.